A Close Look at an End-of-the-Summer Event

Because nobody (myself included) is interested in staring at pictures of a bunch of strangers, here is my close-up look at what I did with my family yesterday evening:

bbq grill

Copyright 2015 Elissa Cruz.


Copyright 2015 Elissa Cruz.


Copyright 2015 Elissa Cruz.


Copyright 2015 Elissa Cruz.




plastic cup

Copyright 2015 Elissa Cruz.

In case you’re curious, I took these photos with my iphone 4. Yeah, it’s nice that the phone tries to focus, but these would have been much better if I had remembered to bring my real camera.

Speaking of real cameras, my husband and I finally purchased a new “DSLR without the R” camera, the Sony Alpha ILCE-5000.

Sony Alpha 5000

The Sony Alpha 5000. It’s small, but isn’t it a beaut? Image from http://camera-store.imblogger.net/tag/a5000?lang=be


It probably isn’t the best camera out there for real photographers (truth be told, we didn’t do any research on this, so I really don’t know), but we got a good deal on it and I love love love it.  It’s been taking some decent pictures on the auto setting; pictures like these ones I took while on vacation last month:

The beach at sunset

The ocean at sunset, August 31, 2015, Newport Beach, California. Copyright 2015 Elissa Cruz.

sand castle

My teen son’s first ever sand castle. It’s not much, but he ordered me to document the occasion, so I did. Newport Beach, California, August 31, 2015. Copyright 2015 Elissa Cruz

But I also love that the camera has manual settings as well, so I can spend some time practicing my amateur photography again.  It’s been years since we owned a “real” camera.  My husband came into our marriage with a Pentax K-1000, which I loved almost as much as I loved him.  Sadly, it died several years ago (and film quickly became prohibitively expensive once children came into the picture, anyway).  I am so excited to have another “real” camera, and this one doesn’t need film. (BONUS!)

Now it’s your turn.  Go forth, fellow amateur photographers, and take some close-ups of your own!  (Or not-close-ups.  Or both.  Or…just go take some pictures already.)


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