School Is Cool! (It is too!)

School SignIt’s here!

Yes, that time of year when children bulk up on paper and pencils and new clothing and accessories, and then head back to school.

The beginning of school is always my favorite time of the year. I love school supplies and new outfits and cool backpacks and the exciting possibilities of learning new stuff.  Temperatures drop from the “buckets-o-sweat” high of the summer to a more manageable degree. Plus, colors!  I love watching the leaves change and fall.  Here’s a haiku I once wrote about it:

Autumn leaves falling.
See the colors drifting down
To blanket the ground.

I think it’s fairly obvious what my favorite season is, and a big part of that is because of how much I love school. Yeah, I was one of those kids. And proud of it.

But now it’s my kids’ turn.  In a few days my two oldest children go back to public school, but this last week my three youngest started school of a different sort.  This year they are being homeschooled.  It wasn’t an easy decision (because, I will be honest, I think I love having the house to myself more than ever I loved being in school as a kid), but my husband and I spent a lot of time pondering, discussing, and then we spent some time in prayer.  We both felt that this is what our three youngest need for now. So, I will be sacrificing my alone-time for teaching my kids instead.

It’s not really much of a sacrifice, though, since it means I get to learn more stuff, too!

And I’ve already learned important things this past week. I’ve learned that the things I think are important and exciting to contemplate are DEFINITELY NOT the same things my kids think are cool.  My two oldest homeschoolers are already knee-deep in figuring out subjects and predicates, prepositions and adverbs, and somehow they aren’t finding it nearly as fun as I did.  (Truth: I LIVED for diagramming sentences when I was in school. Oh, I was such a grammar nerd!)  And today in our school I introduced the coolest (and easiest) subject ever: music.

My youngest actually groaned. GROANED!

Seriously, these kids can’t be related to me. They. Just. Can’t. Be.

And so our adventure begins. I’m thinking it’s going to be a bigger adventure than even I can imagine. And I have a very vivid imagination.


For those of you who might be contemplating homeschooling, a good place to start is at the website of the Homeschool Legal Defense Association. They give basic information about what homeschooling entails as well as specific resources by state, which is helpful for you Americans out there.  For the rest of you, uh…try Google?

And I’m always happy to answer questions.  Shoot me an email or leave a reply and I’ll get back to you.

2 thoughts on “School Is Cool! (It is too!)

  1. I homeschool three children, also… mine are in 4th and 6th grades. 🙂 Is this your first year? How is it going? I’ve homeschooled since the beginning, and every year I hate it and love it. But mostly I love it.

  2. LOL. I love it and hate it, too! This is our first year after several years off, so it’s a first for my youngest two but not for me. 😉 This year has been more of a “hate it” year, but we’ve still got time, right?

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