Uplifting Messages for a Sabbath Day

Last weekend was General Conference, a world-wide meeting of members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (the Mormons).  I love General Conference.  Sure, it’s hours upon hours of watching people speak, but so many of the messages are inspiring or uplifting, if you listen close enough.

But nowadays, you don’t even have to listen all that closely to be able to find some great gems from Conference. Because awesome people who understand how to put together videos now do the work for you!

I love some the videos the Church publishes on their website (www.lds.org).  But recently they have also been creating these awesome little video memes (called vemes, I think…I just figured that out from some of the video titles of said videos) that highlight some of the great quotes from Conference sessions. These are usually out fairly quickly after a session ends, so someone is either quickly throwing these together after paying closer attention than I did, or they’ve been created beforehand.

There are some great gems in these vemes. Gems like these from last weekend’s Conference:

Thanks to the people behind the curtain who are making these videos.  Such a wonderful addition to an already uplifting event!

And while we’re on the topic of uplifting messages, here is one for all of my creative-type friends out there.  It is my “most favorite of all time” videos produced by the church (it’s geared for women, but I think it applies equally for men):

I hope you find something uplifting to ponder this Sabbath day!

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