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Looking for an editor for your novel? Look no further.

Here at Elissa Edits, you will get the individualized help you need to make your story shine.

(This is a good place to get help with academic writing, too.)



Consultations are best for getting help on unfinished projects.

Developmental Editing

Developmental editing happens on the global level for completed manuscripts.

Micro Editing

Micro editing happens on the paragraph, sentences, and word level for completed manuscripts or unfinished projects.

Academic Writing Services

For all your academic writing needs, including tutoring.

What Others Are Saying

I couldn’t motivate myself to rewrite my novel, even though I knew something wasn’t quite right with it. I gave the manuscript to Elissa. She pointed out the issue, and I knew immediately that she had found the problem.

Brooke Albretsen

Elissa has looked over my books for years, going into the trenches with me to examine plot, characterization, description, typos, and everything else. She is exceptionally knowledgeable about the craft of creative writing as well as the publishing industry. She has a way of cutting through the fog and creative haze that often blinds a writer to the inadequacies of their work and pointing out precisely what needs to be fixed and I’ve come to value her feedback tremendously! She’s only hit me a couple times.

Logan Mickel, writer, illustrator at