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Academic Writing Services

Though Elissa prefers to edit novels (she really, really, really loves novels), her day job is teaching college-level English composition courses. This means she’s actually quite knowledgeable about academic writing. So, she is also available for all of your academic writing needs.

Academic Editing

As a college professor, Elissa firmly discourages students from having someone else line edit or copy edit their work. This is because you learn to become a better writer by self editing. Therefore, she does not offer any line editing or copy editing services for academic papers. Instead, she offers a hybrid developmental/line editing service that helps identify global issues with the work and also points out common errors in general so that students can identify writing problems in their own work and study how to correct them on their own (for example, she’ll tell you that you have problems using a comma correctly, but she won’t point out every wrong comma in the paper).


Elissa is also happy to tutor students not registered in one of her courses who need help with their academic writing. (Students in her courses are given this help for free as part of their tuition.) Tutoring can include such things as going over specific grammar concepts, learning how to construct an argument, research guidance, and much more.

Academic Writing Packages and Pricing

Contact Elissa if you are interested in any of the following services.

Academic Editing (fewer than 10 pages*)$40
Academic Editing (10 pages* or more)$4 per page
Academic Tutoring (30 minutes)$25
Academic Tutoring (60 minutes)$50
*double-spaced, 12-point font, 1-inch margins. Pages that do not follow these guidelines will be returned to be reformatted.