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About Us

Elissa Edits is a one-woman editing service (which is probably pretty obvious from the title) run by Elissa Cruz.

Elissa Cruz has been editing, proofreading, and offering feedback on novels since the early 2000s. Her industry knowledge is extensive, too: she has been a chapter president for the American Night Writers Association, an assistant regional advisor for the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, and she started and #MGlitchat (both are now in the hands of others) in the mid 2010s. She holds an MA in English and a Graduate Certificate in Rhetoric and Writing Studies, both from Weber State University. She is currently an adjunct English instructor at her alma mater and is applying to PhD programs as we speak.

Oh, and she also writes, too, both creatively and academically. Her current creative work in progress is a YA epic fantasy about a world where a hidden, splintered magic has tainted the earth and the people on it, and four teens must find a way to recognize and heal the magic before it breaks the world apart. Her academic writing focuses on apocalyptic Anglo-Saxon literary, religious, and historical texts. Straddling her academic and creative interests, she’s also working on a creative non-fiction children’s book about the Vikings.